Navy and White Badge Reel Holder Interchangeable or Permanent - T33

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A navy and white floral badge reel that can be a made as an interchangeable or the top can be permanently affixed to the reel (permanently affixed cannot be swapped out with different designs).   

Comes with a badge top and your choice of a badge reel, stethoscope tag, or lanyard.  

Badge reels are perfect for Teachers, Nurses, RNs, Hospital Workers, Security Workers, Retail Personnel, IT Professionals, or for anyone that's required to wear identification while on the job. 

Options Available:

1. Velcro® Attached Top (Interchangeable)

2. Permanently Attached Top (Not Interchangeable)

Interchangeable tops -

Change your badge topper to match your mood, clothes, job, or to add a festive look for the holidays. Just order more badge tops whenever you want a different look.  

To add a badge top to the reel base: Simply center the badge top over the reel and bring them together to create a strong connection.

To remove the badge top from the reel base: Simply pull the top away from the reel base to break the connection.

Specifications -

34" retractable cord on swivel and belt clips

Stethoscope ID tags fits standard stethoscopes. It does not fit the 3M™ Littmann® Cardiology III™ Stethoscope or the ones with the thick tubing

Lanyard/Reel Combo features has a 5/8" flat wide polyester lanyard that's 36" around and features a safety breakaway.  It comes with a 34" retractable cord