EPIC Guru IT Tech Badge Reel

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  • Design: EPIC Guru IT Tech

  • Reel type: Pick between a regular badge reel, carabiner, or stethoscope ID Tag

  • Cord: 34 inch retractable cord 

  • Style: 329L

A badge reel for the EMR EPIC Tech. 

Badge reels are available in several different colors.  

The design is covered with mylar for protection and wipes clean with a soft cloth.

Badge reels are perfect for Teachers, IT Professionals, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) personnel, EPIC Support Teams, and anyone else that's required to wear identification. 

The carabiner reel is perfect for attaching to your belt loop, key ring, lanyard, purse, etc., and is easy to clip on and off. The no-twist design will keep your ID badge facing forward.