60s Retro VW Interchangeable Magnetic Badge Reel With Swappable Tops

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Interchangeable Magnetic Badge Reel Set with 3 Swappable Badge Toppers.  Get 3 different looks with the retro Volkswagen badge toppers.



Badge reels are perfect for Teachers, Nurses, RNs, Hospital Workers, Security Workers, Retail Personnel, IT Professionals, or for anyone that's required to wear identification while on the job.

Save money by purchasing a set and then buy more badge toppers whenever you want a different look.  Change your topper to match your mood, clothes, job, or add a festive look for the holidays.    

Mix and match to get a variety of different looks. Just select the badge reel you want and then stock up on badge toppers.

To remove the badge topper from the reel: Simply make sure the badge topper is centered on the reel and pull apart to break the strong magnetic connection.

To add a badge topper to the reel: Simply center the badge topper over the reel and bring them together to create a strong magnetic connection.

**********Not for anyone that wears a pacemaker**********

Reels are approximately 1.25" (32mm) in diameter and come with a 34" (864mm) retractable cord made from nylon with polyester woven wrap for added durability to increase the lifespan of the reel.

The interchangeable badges/button toppers work with the listed reel styles in this listing only and will not work with carabiners or stethoscope ID tags. Since different sellers make their magnetic badge reels in different ways and use different magnet strength and types, my badges may not fit or be compatible with reels from other sellers. Because of this, the Magnetic Badge Topper and Magnetic Badge Reel should both be purchased from Badge Reel Boutique in order to obtain the highest level of compatibility between components.